Decentralized Exchange

Trade ETH, SHIB, DOGE and all the degen cryptocurrencies with GEMX smart contract based exchange.




GEMX is a decentralised exchange (DEX) based on order book trading.

GEMX is not a swap, it is a fully functional exchange with all the features that a centralised exchange has, but in a decentralised way.

Every trade on GEMX exchange will be settled by GEMX via ethereum blockchain, making GEMX exchange 100% decentralised.

From time to time crypto space has seen many centralised exchanges involving in price manipulation , fake volumes , inflating the supply and declaring bankruptcy.

A very recent FTX exchange incident caused ftx exchange users lost millions of dollars, because ftx suspended withdrawals.

This tells that a centralised exchange can be never trusted, out of this tragedy an idea was born and put in motion by GEMX team to create a true decentralised trading exchange.

About GEMX

Trade all the tax based Tokens with ZERO tax on GEMX

A very minimal exchange fee will be collected on each trade

50% of fee collected on exchange will be distributed to the GEMX holders



tokenomics of $GEMX

Total supply — 10,000,000 (10 million)

Max supply — 10,000,000 (10 million)

Liquidity — 100%

Team/presale tokens — 0%

Tax — 5%

Tax Breakdown

2.5% development

2.5% marketing

Features of GEMX Exchange

order book

A dedicated order book for each pair

Pair Trade History

All the trade history that happend on particular pair

User Trades

A dedicated tab to show all the trades that a user performed.

User Open Orders

All open orders by user on particular pair with an option to cancel order

open an order


On-Chain Trade History

Ability for GEMX users to trade tax tokens without paying tax.

How can a tax token tradable without paying tax?

Users deposit their tokens or ethereum in to GEMX smart contract (where all the deposited assets are pooled together in the contract) and user open orders to buy or sell, any other GEMX user can fill the orders.

The orders are settled via GEMX smart contracts.

When a trade happens the GEMX smart contract updates the users balances(not moved). Meaning after the deposit the tokens are pooled in the contract, when the trades complete, the contract updates the asset balance of the user’s without moving the assets.

Assets are only moved in case of withdrawal. (From GEMX smart contract to user address)

When a user wants to open an order they have to confirm a transaction from their connected wallet address, And to fill any order too.

Every order/trade that is executed by the user, will go through the ethereum blockchain (this transaction are the ones that update the user balances), Even to cancel an order there will be a transaction via blockchain.

Depositing into GEMX contracts makes it Centralized?

Not actually, the address that is used to deposit assets can only withdraw the assets, not even GEMX developers can withdraw the user’s assets. So it is almost decentralized and custodial.

GEMX Trading fee

0.5% trade fee on each trade should be paid in Ethereum by the user.

Fee is charged from the users Ethereum balance on the exchange.

The GEMX exchange trade fee is adjustable based on Community DAO.

50% of all the trading fee collected by GEMX exchange will be shared with $GEMX Token holder in Ethereum.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many team member are in the team?

3 members


The utility can used by everyone or just holders can use it?



From how long team is working on exchange?

Team has been working since 1 and half months.


What benefits do $GEMX token holders have?

Users that use Gemx exchange will be charged with a very minimal trading fee, of which 50% goes to the $GEMX token holders.


What is your marketing strategy for the utility?

Partnership with projects to list them on the exchange.

Trading competitions on exchange.

Paid marketing from twitter, telegram, YouTube.

Articles featuring GEMX


What about liquidity?

Currently, buyers and sellers are the only liquidity providers.

We request the projects that will be listed to provide the liquidity

The team is doing research on how to provide a better liquidity.

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